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Sell Tickets Anywhere

In 2016, I had the opportunity to design Universe’s integrated checkout solution from the ground up. We developed a small widget that would integrate the ticket sale experience into an event organizer’s website. This allows them to sell tickets with no redirect and to let their brand shine. This widget grew to become one of the main differentiators and revenue drivers for Universe, and serve as a platform for new features.

After shipping, I worked closely with my Product Manager to improve the widget's conversion rate. We decreased the drop off rate dramatically by introducing guest checkout, and other small improvements.

Box Office

Running an event at-the-door and dealing with the stress of organizing your teams and event logistics is not easy.

That’s why we built Box Office. It’s everything you need to expertly run your event onsite. For the last year, I worked closely with the mobile team to build a comprehensive team management system, to create a new experience of selling tickets at the door, and to improve ticket scanning. Box Office is streamlined, intuitive, and designed to quickly get fans through the door and get the party started.

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Universe Landing Pages

Universe’s product and brand are rapidly changing. I’ve had the chance to collaborate with the marketing team on creating landing pages that simply present our complex product. The various projects I contributed to include the creation of a homepage that communicates both the company’s mission and its role as a double-sided marketplace, and the design of feature pages that make the brand shine through event organizers success stories.

Milky Way

As Universe evolved from a peer-to-peer marketplace into a global platform for event organizers, there was a need for a more refined brand and tools to keep it consistent across multiple teams.

I worked closely with a team of 4 product and brand designers to create a system of guidelines and components that would allow us to do just that! Our design system empowers us to work more efficiently, keep designs consistent, and focus our efforts on user flows instead of patterns that already exist.

Universe Product Illustration

As a part of the Universe rebrand, I collaborated closely with the team on creating and pressure-testing a new illustration style. This bold vision takes Universe away from the sharp digital illustrations of competitors and captures the Universe values: the sense of joy, simplicity and authenticity. It allows us to communicate complex marketing ideas in a simple, more human way. It can be organic and playful while still communicating the message. I could go on but I think you get the idea.

I then worked with the marketing team to come up with over 20 nurturing and onboarding email designs and created a document that would support the brand’s new illustration style, enabling Universe to work with a number of international illustrators in the future.

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