Design Constrains 

What devices are we designing for?

As a part of our enterprise organizer support program, Universe rents out iPods. This means that a big portion of the app traffic comes from significantly smaller device sizes, followed closely by iPhone and iPad. Organizers often throw events in non-traditional venues, or in multiple venues, so they need the ability to take their on-site sales tool wherever they go.

The new design had to be built primarily for a smaller screen, with large tap targets and easy-to-read font size and layout, which can scale to larger size devices and still feel crafted and familiar.

iOS is the focus since it’s used by most users. However, the design should be universal and be easily translatable to Android devices and still feel familiar and android-native with minimum tweaks.

International guidelines?

Universe is expanding and at the moment it supports 11 languages. No matter what we design, we should make sure we’re following internationalization principles. When the UI gets translated and adapted into different languages and locales, there should be enough room for text expansion, and time and currency should be clearly communicated.

We should also make sure we’re meeting all legal requirements around monetary transactions in all supported countries.

Is there a style guide we should follow?

All Universe products are aligned with Milky Way, our design system. The solution should respect and be aligned with it to feel cohesive and familiar, as a part of the Universe brand. includes the existing web checkout, so we should make sure the solution mirrors it where it makes sense.