Further Improvements 

One of our main challenges at Universe is the lack of resources and time. Like a lot of other startups, Universe chooses the lean approach of shipping MVP and iterating on it in the future.

Change calculator

Features which were explored earlier, like the change calculator, were cut from the MVP as we didn’t know the real value it would add.

With data in our hands, we can now see that the majority of our sales come from cash transactions, and that it would make sense to invest resources and time on adding the building of a change calculator to our roadmap.

Remember payment method

We recently started tracking how often people use the “Remember Payment Method” toggle. Once enough data has been collected, we will be able to identify what % of sellers customize their flow. If it’s not widely adapted, we can A/B test other options, for example selecting a payment method on the 1st page.

Skip buyer info during event

Sellers find this option very helpful when dealing with a high volume of sales. However, some found it confusing when they tested the app beforehand and those fields were still required. We should look into improving communication around this feature and possibly provide a way to customize it for event organizers.