Testing Competitors and Our Flow

Our innovations usually come from the product strategy and concept level, not from the interaction design level. We try not to reinvent the wheel (unless absolutely necessary). We started by looking at some examples from other softwares who successfully solve similar problems.

Looking inside the industry

Eventbrite and Showpass were the obvious choices since they’re operating in a similar industry with similar constraints.

Looking outside the industry

We also looked for inspiration outside of the events management field. It’s refreshing and insightful to see how other industries handle similar problems, in our case point of sale checkouts and mobile carts. We looked at Ritual and Uber Eats.

We also looked into Shopify’s POS and Square. While they operate within different constraints (often no big lineups and with permanent POS), they were designed with the seller in mind and often offered fully customizable setups, making it faster and easier for the seller to use.

User Testing

We set up a test on usertesting.com for a quick validation of our competitors, our current flow, and some of the “combined” designs. We wanted to see which aspects the user finds quick and easy to use, and what aspects could be improved.